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Paxton Kitchen & Living Room
Colorado Kitchen
Colorado Bathroom & Dining Room
Brooklyn Living Room & Dining Room
See how a Stratford Home is built!

Your tour begins with a look inside one of Stratford Homes’ vast manufacturing facilities. Trained carpenters use top-quality dimensional lumber and materials, stored indoors away from exposure to the elements, to build your home to your custom specifications, in strong, sturdy sections called modules.

Each “mod” is stick-built from scratch as a unit, just as if it were started from scratch on an exposed foundation. The total number of mods built for your home depends on the size of your finished design. Today’s modular homes are definitely not the modular homes of years past.

As the mods move through each step in the construction process, they become more complete, and the benefits of the Stratford Homes method become apparent:

  • Centralized production allows volume purchases of high-quality materials.
  • Efficient production techniques reduce construction costs.
  • Critical construction phases are completed indoors in an environmentally controlled atmosphere to greatly reduce quality concerns and delays caused by the weather.
  • Materials are cut to exact fit to ensure the beginning of your quality constructed, custom-built home.
  • Sidewalls are glued and power-nailed under pressure to the floor system, adding strength and rigidity; solid wood blocking provides solid anchors for fixtures.
  • All roof trusses are computer-engineered and custom-designed for your home.